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Sweater Owl Black


The pose with a cute tilt of the head is irresistibly endearing. A high quality sweatshirt featuring the motif embroidery of the idol of the owl world, the Ural Owl. With its chic black fabric, this sweatshirt boasts excellent mix-and-match options to your wardrobe. The sweatshirt is made in Japan by the reputable Kume Textiles in Sumida, Tokyo, the fabric feels comfortable against the skin, akin to the softness of freshly washed towels.

Model Height / 165cm

(M) Length: 70cm Wide: 52cm
(XL) Length: 79cm Wide: 61cm

Material / 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Wash separately, due to friction color may discolored or transfer in the first couple of washes. Do not steep in water or bleach.




€ 129,90