Kleine objecten

Hanae Sasaoka Tenugui

Tenugui are thin cotton towels for wiping your hands after washing them, or wiping the sweat from your brow on a hot day. Generally, they are about 35 cm in width and 90 cm in length. Some towels with the same shape and purpose are called tenugui, even if they aren’t made of cotton. The history of tenugui goes back more than five centuries, when they were originally used to adorn holy places at shrines, but after the Sengoku era, they became widely among the populace, and now, they are used to wipe away water or sweat, or fashioned into headwear and scarves. Mainstream tenugui designs include images of Mt. Fuji and check patterns, but in recent years, pop, stylish designs, anime character designs and the like have started to appear. Tenugui are lightweight and perfect as souvenirs
€ 14,90