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One-eyed ghost tabi

Tabi Socks/Hitotsumekozo the One-eyed ghost.

Hitotsumekozo (One-eyed ghost). A boy yokai with only one eye in the center of it's face. Appears suddenly to surprise passers-by.

Feel something watching you from below!? Look down to find many eyes!

Japanese style split toe socks Knitted in Nara, the socks can stretch a lot so that both men and women can wear them. Try them out with sneakers! One size fits all (Size refrance: EU 36.5 - 42, US 5.5 - 9)

Size / JP:22.5cm~27cm EU:35~42 US:5.5~9
Material / 63% Cotton, 27% Acryl, 8% Polyester, 2% Polyurethane
Made in Japan


€ 12,90