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Choju giga pouch white


Embroidered with a joyful water play scene from "Choju-giga". A hare is pinching his nose and back jumping into the water. A hare and a monkey are sprinkling water while swimming, they all look so happy. Perfect clutch bag size for going out or attending a party. With a detachable chain strap.

"Choju-giga" ink painting, is said to be the oldest "manga" cartoon in Japan. It is a 4 volumes painting scroll of, personified animals such as frogs, foxes, monkeys, cats, etc.. One of the most famous scene, depict a hare and a frog sumo wrestling. The works said to be from the 12th-13th century, but details are unknown. There are various opinions about the interpretation of the scrolls contents.

Size / 20cmx15cmx6cm Opening Part 18cm

Material / 50%Linen 25% Cotton 25%Rayon,Embroidery thread: 100% Acrylic


€ 79,90