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Patch Shimokawa Clay Doll Cat

Shimokawa Clay Doll Fortune Cat

People in Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture had been passed down with the knowledge that a child will sooth its temper by licking soil/clay. Pigeon whistle and artifact of this region are made of clay. This palm sized parent and child fortune-cat is also a clay whistle which produces a gentle soothing sound.

#Household peace #Dicease free #Parent and child 

Material / Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon,Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon

Made in Japan

This patch Stick-on and Iron-on too.

〈How to iron on this patch〉
※The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials, be careful of heat-sensitive materials.
※Take care of hot iron burns.



€ 13,90