Some prefer Nettles - Tanizaki

Momenteel niet op voorraad.

The conflict between traditional and modern Japanese culture
is at the heart of this compelling Japanese novel.

Kaname is a smug, modern man living in a modern marriage.
He gamely allows his wife to become the lover of another man,
an act that does not cure the profound sadness at the heart
of their relationship. So Kaname gradually retreats into the
protection of traditional rituals, attitudes and tastes,
eventually making love to Ohisa, his father-in-law's
old-fashioned mistress, as he abandons the modern world entirely.
The novel's other characters, including Kaname's wife, his lover,
his father-in-law, and even the cities in which they live,
all symbolize the modern and ancient ways of life in Japan.

Tanizaki's characteristic irony, eroticism, and psychological
undertones make Some Prefer Nettles an exceptional and compelling read.

€ 15,99