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A seductive psychological thriller of obsession and jealousy, and a Japanese classic, with an introduction by Kristen Roupenian, author of 'Cat Person'. Sonoko Kakiuchi is a cultured Osaka lady in an uninspiring marriage. When she meets the extraordinary Mitsuko, Sonoko finds herself infatuated and ensnared in a web of sex, humiliation and deceit.

Quicksand is a silkily nuanced novel of erotic gamesmanship and obsession. Sonoko Kakiuchi, an Osaka lady of a good family, married to a dully respected lawyer, tells a story of temptation and betrayal. Sonoko is infatuated with the beautiful art student and femme fatale Mitsuko, a woman so seductive and heartless she can even turn Sonoko's husband into her own accomplice. Filled with intrigue and treacherous romance, readers will be entranced by Tanizaki’s seminal novel. 

At once savagely funny and timorously exact in its portrayal of sexual enthrallment, Quicksand is “beautifully and mysteriously contrived.”—Newsday


€ 14,95