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Tarehake Pastry brush

Kitchen Brush for Sauce 10x15x1.3cm 13mm

This high quality pastry brush is made out of all-natural materials. Its durable and highly absorbent horse hair bristles are the perfect choice for basting and applying sauces with precision, and the sturdy wooden handle features aesthetically-pleasing open construction. Versatile, practical, and affordable, this brush is ideal for home and professional use alike.

NOT Dishwasher Safe
NOT Microwave Safe
NOT Oven Safe
NOT Stove Top Safe

  • Clean brushes gently as the hairs can break if cleaned too roughly
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Use brushes dry - Do not use directly after washing
  • Do not use immediately after wash as the hairs are likely to fall out if washed and used aggressively
  • Not suitable for hot sauces
  • Only use for cold sauces


€ 12,90