Furoshiki Organic Circles

These simple circle and square designs create a beautiful mesh of overlapping colors. When using it as an eco-bag, the design changes depending on the way you wrap it.

We made a Furoshiki out of 100 % organic cotton due to the rise of eco-friendly life styles. We have two sizes so you can use it as an eco-bag, wrapping, luncheon mat, or for bento boxes.Organic cotton is certified to organic agricultural standards. Organic farming system works in order to protect human rights such as farmer’s health and child labor; as well as that it combines reducing environmental footprint and fair price for sustainability.

  • Afmetingen : 100 x 100 cm (39.4″ x 39.4″)
  • Materiaal : 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Bag etc..



€ 57,50