Furoshiki Gourd Dragon Scale

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Gourd : This pattern is believed to bring happiness and success. The Legend goes that drinking sake in a gourd under the plum tree keeps off evil spirits.

Dragon Scale : This pattern is a repetition of triangles suggestive snake or dragon scales. Those creatures grow bigger by casting off their skins. Therefore, this pattern is believed to drive away evil spirits and regenerate lives.

104cm can be used for an eco-friendly bag by tying up its corners. It’s a perfect match with Yukata and Kimono. This size is also suitable for using as a scarf and a tablecloth.

  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Dimensions : 104cm x 104cm
  • Made in Japan
  • Bag etc..

Fuku-Musubi is Furoshiki which was designed to invite happiness and form connection between people. Front and back surfaces are respectively dyed in different colors and patterns.
Those patterns are based on Japanese auspicious omen motifs.
Each pattern on both sides has a special meaning and it has been used since ancient days. It's nice to use as a gift not only for someone else but also for yourself.

Enjoy using this Furoshiki by switching the colors and patterns depending on your mood or occasion.



€ 47,50