Furoshiki Dahlia Cream linen

Linen furoshiki enjoy an enduring popularity. It transforms to a bag and a reusable gift wrapping by tying up its corners.This size is also suitable for using as a scarf and a tablecloth.

The big flowers come in different shapes and colors and change their expressions depending on the way you wrap it and what you wrap.

Afmetingen: 100 x 100cm (39.37 ″ x 39.37″)

Material : 100% Linen.

Made in Japan


Linen prevents germs and molds from breeding because it has four times hygroscopic nature than cotton does as well as that it’s fast-dry. It results in preventing bad odors. It is said that linen is the most durable of all the natural fibers.

The used linen is from France -French linen- and this has the lovely feature which gives you a crisp feeling of linen. The fabric is thin and easy to use as a scarf.

※The laundry symbol says “dry clean” as linen is likely to shrink when washed.



€ 59,50