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Patch Tokoname Pottery

Tokoname Pottery Fortune Cat

Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture originated this fortune-cat in the late 20s of the Showa era. The design rapidly spread across Japan during the economical growth. Distinctions of the big sized head and the gold oval coin became the standard style of fortune-cats. With many variations being produced all around Japan, it is still known as “Tokoname Style.”

#Fortune and prosperity

Material / Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon,Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon

Made in Japan

This patch Stick-on and Iron-on too.

〈How to iron on this patch〉
※The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials, be careful of heat-sensitive materials.
※Take care of hot iron burns.


€ 11,90