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Small Factory Ring two holes

Small Factory Ring is a work of art jewelry designed by contemporary artist Kaori Tazoe and produced at the small factory Yazawa in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

You can combine your own ring by putting parts together as you like. Both parts, ring and head, can be screwed together.

The ornamental heads are available in 'gold' and 'black' in different shapes. The rings are also available in black and gold in narrow and thick sizes with one or two holes.

Ornamental heads are € 23,- per piece.
Rings are € 49,- per piece.

A big set made of steel with 6 ornamental heads and two rings € 385,- euro.
A big set made of hard plastic with 3 ornamental heads and one ring € 190,- euro.

Do not hesitate to ask for information and we can send you the pricelist: info@batsu.nl.

€ 95,00

€ 0,00