Furoshiki Hyotan

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Afmetingen: 104cm x 104cm

Materiaal: 100% katoen

Meaning of 'Hyotan', the symbol on the furoshiki:

In Japan, the gourd also symbolizes “signified happiness or success to people. Their humorous shapes have also always been thought of with affection. There are thus several sayings featuring the word “hyotan”. A set of three gourds are a good luck symbol as the sound “san-byoshi sorou” in Japanese. It means a great person all-round. Also a set of six gourds is even luckier, because “mu-byou” means no sickness! Gourds also remind us of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1537-1598), one of the most well-known historical samurai heroes. Hideyoshi’s battle ensign was a gourd motif. He would add further gourd motifs to his ensign every time he won a battle. After that, this ensign became a famous symbol of victory, the “Sennaribyoutan” which means one thousand gourds growing on a tree.

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